About Glowan

“People of genius are admired. People of wealth are envied. People of power are feared. But only people of character are trusted.” ~Arthur Friedman

The Glowan Consulting Group is in the business of transforming individuals and organizations utilizing its L3 leadership development and executive coaching activities. Our network of experienced business professionals are skilled not only in all facets of developing leaders and managers, but also in operating businesses and preparing organizations to gain competitive advantage in the rapidly changing global environment.

L3 Leadership is a personal “state of being.”

This state of being reflects your foundation values. It encompasses your vision of the future and your presence in the moment. This leadership model emphasizes a state of being, which is the sum total of your attitudes and beliefs, actions and values.

Learn more about L3 Leadership:

  • L1: Leading Self (Achieving Personal Mastery)
  • L2: Leading with Others (Cultivating Collaborative Advantage)
  • L3: Leading Others (Creating the Best Place to Work)

John Anderson and Marc Michaelson, Principals in The Glowan Consulting Group and creators of the L3 Leadership Model came together after a number of years in industry and consulting with other organizations and on their own. Both had founded their own consulting organizations and, in fact they had met several years before but the timing was not right for a collaborative venture.When, once again, circumstances put the two of them together, they decided that the time was right to do “what they had always wanted to do” — concentrate on Leadership Development and Coaching.  Now after seven years with HRmarketer.com, Kevin W. Grossman has joined Glowan as a Principal and Senior Business Consultant.

The L3 Leadership model is the foundation for virtually everything Glowan does. It is how we approach our clients and, indeed, our own business.

Leaders. Better. Brighter.™


John Anderson

Mr. Anderson’s background includes general management and profit responsibility at the Chief Executive and Board level. As a Senior Business Consultant and Principal at The Glowan Consulting Group, his assignments have included working with top management teams to assist them in adapting to today’s rapidly changing business paradigms. He is active in the development and delivery of leading edge Leadership Development Programs and assists many of his clients in the areas of developing flexible business and corporate strategies, raising capital and increasing, productivity and profitability.

For the past 25 years, Mr. Anderson has been a student of human behavior and has developed workshop products and consulting interventions to enable individuals and teams to work more efficiently and productively. His areas of expertise include Leadership Development, Personal & Organizational Transformation, Team Building, Organizational Development, Functional, Group Dynamics and Individual Human Behavior. Additionally, he regularly consults in the areas of Strategic Planning, Marketing & Sales, and Productivity Improvement.

Mr. Anderson served in Executive and Management positions over a 20-year operating career and moved into consulting following the sale of his last business.

Positions held include President & CEO, Executive Vice President, Vice President Marketing & Sales and Director of International Operations for high-tech companies in the computer and communications business.

Mr. Anderson has served as a Director of three California corporations, one New York Corporation, and one “not for profit” New York foundation.

Mr. Anderson has a technical background in computer technology and electronics and is a published author of the book “Running the Corporate Rapids” and numerous technical marketing articles in publications including Data Communications, Communications International, Electronics News and Datamation. He has also served as a consultant and guest speaker on computer and industrial security for SRI International and The American Society of Industrial Security.

Marc Michaelson

Marc Michaelson

Mr. Michaelson is a business consultant, trainer, executive coach, and author with 30 years of international experience in organizational development and human capital effectiveness. He has provided executive coaching, consulting, and training solutions to public and private sector organizations across a variety of industries and countries.

Mr. Michaelson has designed, developed and implemented a variety of leadership assessment tools, profiles, customized learning strategies and training programs that have uniquely aligned personal, team and leadership development with the overall goals of an organization. He has offered workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations to more than 100,000 participants worldwide, including CEO’s, executive teams, management groups, and employees.

Mr. Michaelson applies his diverse background as a professional athlete and business executive to offer practical high performance solutions for individuals, teams, leaders, and the organizations they work for. He has been quoted in such prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company Magazine, The Harvard Business Review, and The Wharton School of Business Digest.

Mr. Michaelson has assisted organizations in maximizing the dynamic interchange between human capital and business strategies for increased growth and innovation. Utilizing a comprehensive cultural approach, the whole organization is empowered to achieve bottom line results that provide equity and motivation to all stakeholders. Clients have seen results that are measurable, meaningful and sustainable.


Mr. Grossman joins The Glowan Consulting Group as a Senior Business Consultant and Principal with over 23 years of proven marketing communications, business development, employee development, talent management and general management experience working in the human resources and recruiting services industries, high-tech, and higher education.

Mr. Grossman has been a student of leadership development, coaching practices and emotional intelligence and has developed employee development and training programs to enable individuals and teams at his previous organizations to work more efficiently and productively.  His areas of expertise include Talent Management, Employee Development, Collaborative Team Building, Formal and Informal Learning and Organizational Development.  Additionally, he regularly consults in the areas of Business Development, Marketing & Sales, and Social Media Best Practices.

His broad knowledge of business development, marketing, sales, public relations and social media best practices, and thorough understanding of the human resource marketplace, has helped hundreds of HR software and services companies grow their business.

Mr. Grossman is one of the Top Online Influencers in Leadership (via the HRExaminer, Dr. Todd Dewett and Traackr.com), is also one of the Top 25 HR Digital Influencers (via the HRExaminer and Traackr.com), an HR Industry Top 100 Influencer (via Industry Analyst John Sumser), is a prolific business blogger and author of the eBook Conversation Starters – Social Media Marketing in the HR Marketplace.  He has spoken at HR industry events and to CEO’s on social media marketing best practices and business development.

Positions held include President & COO, Executive Vice President, Director of Marketing and Marketing Communications Account Supervisor for companies in the HR and recruiting services industries, high-tech, and higher education.

He received his BA in psychology from San Jose State University and is a proud father who volunteers in the non-profit world utilizing his leadership and management skills.


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