For many years now, we have published a brief missive every two weeks to our mailing list. They are called “Take Time To Lead Tips”. We keep them brief, pithy and hopefully valuable. Yesterday, our first of the new year was published and I received a really interesting reaction from one of our readers.

Here is our Leadership Tip.


As we enter the New Year, it is important to take stock of how we got here and what it will take to continue our success.

Businesses across America have suffered through eight years of anemic growth with increasing taxes and regulations but now it appears that some relief may be in sight.

Whether your candidate for President was the winner or not, it should be obvious that the next four or eight years will result in a more friendly business environment.

Many have developed a bunker mentality in order to survive but now it’s time to stretch our legs and figure out how best to grow and expand. Creative and innovative leadership will be required to bring our people along with us and keep them focused on the new goals. The “we can’t because” mentality must be replaced with a more aggressive “how are we going to accomplish this” approach.

In many ways a return to the basics is in order. Setting stretch goals, measuring performance and holding people accountable for results will be required. Helping people to take risks again and to be innovative in their thinking and approach will take some skilled coaching and visible support.

Take some time early and think about your business a new. Talk with your employees to gauge their feelings and willingness to move forward. Listen for new ideas and directions.

Let’s all begin the New Year with a renewed passion for our businesses, our people and our lives.

What do you need to do to move forward aggressively?


And here is the response I received (typo included).

Remove me from your mailing list immediately.  Any company who would be so one sided in their assesment of the future does not deserve my time or energy.

I’d be interested in your comments and inputs. I continue to think about the post and don’t think I was “one sided” but rather expressed my genuine opinion.




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