In my adult life, I cannot remember a longer period of uncertainty. Since 2008, it seems that just about the time we think that things are beginning to “normalize” something happens to introduce more doubt into the world.

First, it was the recession. It was deeper and longer than anyone predicted and many believe that we’re still in it. I know the economy is not performing at the level of a technical recession but when I talk to family, friends and business associates, I get a very different impression.

The stock market took a beating and then recovered but the volatility remains reinforcing the uncertainty. Additionally, many believe that the market recovery is not based on sound economic principles further adding to the angst.

ISIS came on the scene and worldwide terrorism became a daily event.

Now, many are waiting for the Presidential election just ahead before making any serious moves.

So what’s this all about? I, for one, believe that where we are today IS the new normal and that waiting for things to get “better” will only prolong the agony.

That’s not to say that everything is all bad but waiting to make major decisions, personally or in business, does not seem wise. In the new environment waiting for just the right time or for the outcome of this or that just means your are waiting forever.

My personal opinion is that it’s time to get on with it. “IT”” being life and to stop delaying major decisions.

Many businesses are hoarding cash and not expanding. People are postponing major expenditures all due to uncertainty.

What if uncertainty and constant change is the new normal? How do we adapt? What does our decision making process need to look like? How can we sleep at night with all of this swirling around us?

I believe we all need to take a collective deep breath, stop waiting and begin living life again. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is not guaranteed so that leaves us to live today, each and every day.

Believe in yourself, your family, your business sense and do your best to not get distracted by all of the “stuff” in the world that you cannot control.

Here’s to good things happening today and every day in the future.


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