There’s been much written of late regarding the changes in the workplace and how management and leadership need to change with it. While, in many ways this is true, there are some things that should be maintained.

We all need to learn new skills and techniques. Increasing our knowledge of how to lead and manage virtual, global enterprises, how to lead and manage a multi generational workforce and how to restructure our organizations and our
thinking to accommodate the ever increasing rate of change are but a few things to keep up with.

But, some things shouldn’t be eliminated. There is a tendency in American business to “throw the baby out with the bath water” when a new trend or fad comes along. I’ve read recently how holding people accountable for specific, measurable results is somehow old fashioned and we should just let people perform as they wish. To me, that is akin to “participation trophies” and it is the fast lane to business failure. People still need to be challenged, their performance measured and good performance rewarded.

We certainly need to treat people with dignity and respect, we need to coach and counsel but we also need to demand performance. When goals are not clear, measurements not visible and everyone is rewarded the same, we create mediocrity.

I don’t know anyone who is in business to become mediocre. Do You?



  1. This is a great conversation topic and one that I believe is well worth much more discussion. I have been in HR and various forms of leadership for well over twenty years and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of leadership and accountability. The one consistency I have seen is that there are those that can and should, those can’t but should learn, and finally those that neither can nor should be involved with accountability. Thank you for posting.


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