Many people never seem to find the time to get away. Between work, family, social commitments and just the pace of the world, it is truly difficult to plan and execute a getaway.

One thing to remember is that you can never find time for anything, you have to make time.

Your getaways don’t need to be a major trip. Two weeks in Tahiti is nice but so are long weekends. The important thing to remember is that you NEED breaks from normal life pressures.

If you breakdown the word recreation, it means to recreate. Time away for yourself and as a couple with your significant other is time to recreate yourself, time to recharge your batteries, time to find yourself and reconnect with that one special person.

Here are some techniques I use personally to ensure that I make time for myself.

At the beginning of each year, I plan two major vacations. I identify places I want to visit, I schedule the days on my calendar and, if possible, I spend some money on it in the form of a deposit. Having the trip on the calendar and actually shelling out some money ensures that I will take the vacation.

In between major trips, I do the same thing for long weekends and mini-vacations throughout the year. For many, building some of these mini-vacations can be centered around your favorite hobby and they can be by yourself or as a couple.

One of my majors this year is riding my motorcycle from California to Laconia New Hampshire for a major motorcycle rally. This is a trip that I make with fellow riders and it is time just for me.

When I return, I will be mentally rested, physically exhausted (in a good way) and ready to get back into my business.

So, don’t wait until the first of next year to begin your planning. Do some things with family and friends, do other things as a couple and make sure to do a few things just for yourself. You will be a better business leader, employee, parent and spouse because of making time for yourself.

What are you waiting for?


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