In several recent posts, I have mentioned accountability as something that is important in business and, indeed, in life.

Accountability requires taking ownership of a duty, task, project or organization. When you are accountable, you are responsible for the outcome. At the speed of business today, accountability if often lost in the shuffle. Managers and executives fail to stop long enough to figure out what has happened, who was responsible and who is accountable.

If you want to run a precision business, accountability must be part of the culture of the business itself. Accountability should never be something that is dreaded but rather something thought is sought out. People who seek accountability are people that perform at high levels and meet or exceed goals.

Accountability is something that helps us achieve our goals, not something to embarrass people or to “set them up”.

With accountability comes rewards and recognition. When people accomplish goals and are recognized and rewarded for doing so, they are much more likely to succeed than not.

So look for opportunities to be accountable and ensure that people throughout your organization feel and behave the same way.


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