The real human power that influences and moves us

L3 Leadership Tip: Take some time today to get off the ground Monday morning…rested, focused and with a high performance attitude for the coming week.

You came across our Facebook page on Sunday night after viewing pictures of your sister’s kids crying in the arm’s of some unrecognizable Disney character. For some reason your sister had shared one of our posts on her page. You then read our tip and it got you jazzed. You even “liked” the page when you don’t usually waste your time with that nonsense.

Now you’re ready to take on the week. Your team is presenting your brainchild first thing Monday morning — a new online customer service strategy that’s going to save the firm tons of cash and improve customer retention.

Ah, the proverbial Monday morning…

First, before you even leave the house, the 300-year-old family Calico pees on the kitchen floor and since your wife is busy getting the kids ready for school, you’re “it” on the clean-up duty even though you were actually leaving on time today.

Second, now that you’re running late, you zoom around slow pokes on the roads and highways, spill your coffee in your lap in the process, and then lose your cell phone in the passenger side floorboard while it’s ringing and ringing and ringing to the tune “Like a G6” by Far East Movement that your teenage son keeps adding to your phone and you keep deleting.

And third, as soon as you get to the office you find out what the missed calls on your phone were about — the fact that the network is down and irate customers are crawling through the phone lines. And then your not-so-favorite employee really needs to talk about the raise you’ve already told him he’s never going to get.

Now it’s time to give your presentation. Your C-suite colleagues don’t want to push it out. You’re going to have to wing it without the Internet.

What I’m feeling changes how the world appears.

How the world appears changes what I’m feeling.

Now it’s time to be authentically present. More than ever.

Take a moment to be in the moment. Check yourself. Understand all that’s come before is transitory. You’ve been working on this with your leadership coach for months.

You know it takes a lifetime to learn to become authentically present, but you’ve come a long way “baby” and your new found emotionally intelligent adaptability has really helped improve your work/life integration — and your mind, body and values.

Your colleagues sense it, which is why they have the greatest confidence you’ll adapt, reset and pull the presentation off.

The Tibetan term for authentic presence literally translates to “a field of power.” When we’re with people who are authentically present we can really feel that power. It’s not the positional power of rank and authority, it’s the real human power that influences and moves us.

Learn to be authentically present. The return knows no bounds.

Be better and brighter.


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