Key Questions for Finding and Keeping Your Sweet Spot in Flow

Continuing on with our dialog on Leading From Your Sweet Spot and being in Flow: My last three posts have dug into these topics and how they can help us as leaders.

I have been think about what questions we might want to ask ourselves in order to keep our sweet spot tuned, as well as improve the odds that we will be in flow more often.

Here a some questions to ask yourself regularly:

How I View Myself: What am I known for?

My Purpose and Direction: Where am I going?

Relationships, Collaboration and Teamwork: Whom do I  engage and deliver with?

My Work Environment: How is my workspace/workplace contributing positively?

My Engagement/Challenge: What challenges, questions interest me?

Resilience and Learning: How do I learn from setbacks and successes?

Who can I count on to tell me the truth about my performance?: What adjustments must I make to align with others?

Remember, your Sweet Spot is the intersection of what you are passionate about and your top skills.  The questions above will help you make the most of these two.  Take the time to ask these questions once a month and see what it brings to you.  Working from your Sweet Spot and staying in Flow will bring great rewards to you and those who work with you!


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