How Sweet It Is! Life and Leadership Made Easy As 1-2-3

Continuing with our discussion on Finding Your Leadership Sweet Spot.

As I discussed in my last post, your leadership sweet spot occurs at the confluence of the factors that intersect when you are at your best as a leader. The sweet spot is that moment in sports when effort and talent combine perfectly to produce smooth and successful execution. When baseball’s best hitters find the sweet spot, they can make the hardest task in sports look easy!

How can leaders find their sweet spots?   I talked about asking yourself two questions.  What am I passionate about?  What am I really good at?  This intersection is the first step in find your sweet spot.

Now I would like to dig a bit deeper into how we at Glowan are helping leaders at all levels find their sweet spots.

Thousands of studies have attempted to determine the perfect mix of leadership styles, skills, and personality traits that define great leaders.  While many leadership approaches have been derived from this research, most offer a “one-size fits all” prescription of skills, competencies, strengths or models.  Far too often, this cure-all approach neglects to take the individual into account, delivering disappointing results.  With this in mind we developed an approach to leadership development that works from the inside out.  Each individual begins by exploring their personal passions and unique skills in order to first find their personal leadership sweet spot.

This journey begins with assessing personal style and strengths, receiving 360 feedback/feedforward data  from colleagues, stakeholders, customers and direct reports concerning their leadership and behaviors across three key domains, L1 Total Life Leadership, L2 Creating Collaborative Advantage, and L3 Cultivating The Best Place To Work.

This is what we call Finding Your Leadership Sweet Spot.  A spot that is leveraged from an individual’s ability to lead “self” well with high levels of emotional intelligence-(L1), “lead with others” building collaborative advantage (L2), and then, ” lead others”,  co-creating a culture of high performance where everyone can do their best (L3), and have the opportunity to find their own sweet spot.

How sweet is that! And it is as easy as 1-2-3!


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