What is Your Leadership Sweet Spot?

Most types of sports equipment like a golf club, a tennis racquet or a baseball bat have a certain spot that, if the ball hits it, will give the player the optimal result. Hitting this sweet spot yields a long drive down the fairway, a swift cross-court return or home run swing. Every sport has a sweet spot of some sort. If you have experienced it, you know when you hit the sweet spot, you barely feel it. The ball goes where you want it to go – even further and faster.

As leaders we are have the opportunity to utilize all of our talents, skills, tools and coaching to find and utilize our very own Sweet Spot.  Our ability to match our sweet spots to our leadership responsibilities is the best predictor of  success and, ultimately, of excellent performance. It all starts with knowing your passions and talents and aligning them to create your very own Sweet Spot.

Want to know an easy way to find your sweet spot? Look at the intersection of these two questions:

1. What am I absolutely passionate about?

2. Which tasks are very easy and natural for me to perform?

Most of us vividly remember the moment we found our professional sweet spot. Others told us we made it look easy, that we really excelled and we looked like we were having a ball. Think of the last time when others made these comments to you. What were you doing?

Take a few moments to evaluate how well your passions and and skills are intersecting, the more you can do to create the environment that leverages these two, the sweeter it will be to be a leader!


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