L3-TV: Drive your org’s time and tempo like a mad-skilled drummer

Everybody thinks that the lead singer and/or lead guitar player is the band leader, but I’m telling you it’s the mad-skilled drummer.

Think about driving tempo and flexible fills…

Adaptability is huge these days. Whether it be for senior leadership or individual contributors, either you inherently can roll with uncertainly and manage the challenges therein, or you sure as heck need to learn how to.

Marc wrote about the 4 C’s of resilience yesterday — control, commitment, challenge and connection — and these are all part of being the adaptable small business or global enterprise today.

Having the right talent in the the right place at the right time — the flexible fills.

Otherwise known as workforce planning. And even though the construct has gotten a lot more attention these days, the concept is not new to organizations.

Yesterday at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, I sat in on the workforce planning session moderated by Brian Kelly, President of the Inform Business Impact unit of SuccessFactors.

The panelists included:

  • Rupert Bader, Director, Workforce Planning, Microsoft
  • Penny Meier, VP, Workforce Strategy & Planning, Ameriprise Financial
  • Prasad Setty, Director, People Analytics & Compensation, Google

Two key concepts that were driven home were:

  1. Workforce planning is a continuous business process. Fluid and constantly subject to change. Not a start-n-stop project.
  2. Effective workforce planning is not about the technology. It’s about the model you adopt (and adapt).

How are these companies managing their workforce planning?

  • Microsoft uses workforce planning to make progress on tough cross-business talent challenges.
  • Ameriprise uses talent “engagement” performance/competency data to shape enterprise-wide training and leadership development.
  • At Google, workforce planning is used to solve continuous and fast-developing labor constraints.

Data gathering and agreeing on core metrics and analysis are critical in all the above endeavors, but the subjectivity of talent management and still comes from the heart of empathic leadership at all levels.

The mad-skilled drummers with the flexible fills.

It’s organic, not mechanic. Adaptability needs to be embraced and enhanced by your culture. From recruitment to onboarding to training and development to managerial and leadership development, adopting workforce planning culturally and assuring day-to-day adaptability will keep you ahead of your competition.

Drive your org’s time and tempo like a mad-skilled drummer. Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Adapt.

Be better and brighter.


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