Resilient Leadership At All Levels

With the global business pressures of 7/24/365, only the most resilient leaders can perform effectively on an ongoing basis.   Research has show that individuals, teams and organizations that possess the Four C’s of Resilience outperform their counterparts over and over again.  In our L3 Leadership Learning Program we spend a great deal of time within the L1 Total Life Leadership portion of the program on helping leaders at all levels develop these four C’s.


  • Control – over things which are controllable- these resilient leaders develop a wide range of both hard and soft skills to take on what is in their control. When it is out of their control these leaders use the soft skills related to attitude in order to manage what is out of their control.
  • Commitment – to those things you really care about: these resilient leaders are clear about the strategic horizon and do not get down when execution is failing.  They see this as part of the process of moving forward towards the vision
  • Challenge – view things as opportunities not crisis/problems: these resilient leaders have clarity about the inherent challenges associated with effort and leverage their attitudes to move forward in face of predictable obstacles, OR a sudden change or surprise.
  • Connection – with people for support, teamwork,  and collaboration: these resilient leaders leverage people and collaboration to create great performance.

How are you doing at developing your Four C’s of Resilience?


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