17-Second “People Skill” Survey Results: It all starts with the Em-tel™.

I’ve spent the last two days meeting with companies large and small who have the best intentions in creating a more productive, responsible, communicative, work/life integrated and happier workplace.

No easy task for sure, but these companies are making progress from the inside out.

Toxicity creeps like heartburn, but transformational leadership keeps the belly quelled.

Remember the Glowan 17-Second Survey we sent out on Tuesday?

What are the most important “people skills” to assess and develop in your employees, managers and leaders today?

We had a few hundred responses (thank you!) and nearly 80% of you picked this one as your top “people skill”:

  1. Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness)

Surprised? It still may be a new concept to most folks in the workplace, but more and more research is coming out showing how it affects trust, productivity and retention for a better bottom line.

Remember, having developed emotional intelligence (as opposed to our standard definition of IQ) means you have:

  • An awareness of your own emotions
  • An awareness of emotions in others
  • An understanding of emotions
  • And the ability to manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others

The other top two choices in the survey were:

  • Leading vs. Managing
  • Collaboration

(Change and stress management came in a close 4th.) These are very important to develop as well, but it all starts with the Em-tel™.

The chart below may be a little hard to read, but please contact us if you’d like to see all the choices in detail. Look for more Glowan 17-Second Surveys coming soon.

Be better and brighter.


One thought on “17-Second “People Skill” Survey Results: It all starts with the Em-tel™.

  1. It is always amazing to me that the three top picks in a survey are so tied together. EI creates the opportunity for collaboration to be authentic, and is with out a doubt the linchpin for leading and managing in today’s workplace

    Thanks for your effort here Kevin!

    Marc Michaelson
    The Glowan Consulting Group


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