L3-TV: How many months have you spent in a leaky boat?

I’ve been sharing a lot this week about why understanding, developing and managing one’s emotional intelligence is so vital to the organization you lead and the people you manage.

In fact, everyone in the organization should be developing it, for work and for home.

For life.

Decisions aren’t made based on IQ alone. IQ (intelligence quotient) is just the tip of the iceberg; EQ (emotional quotient) is all the rest, right under the surface, and if we don’t become aware of it, understand and manage it — it can sink us.

For example, according to research we’ve compiled, 75% of the reasons careers get derailed are EI-related:

  • Unsatisfactory leadership across all levels during challenging times.
  • Inability to handle interpersonal issues.
  • Inability to adapt to change.
  • Inability to elicit trust.

And 70% of the reasons for losing clients/customers are EI-related:

  • Poor service.
  • Poorly handled complaints.
  • Unpleasant interactions.
  • Didn’t go the extra mile.
  • No follow-up.
  • Lack of human connection.

All of this dysfunction leads to leaky boats. Leaky boats lead to sinking ships.

Ship-wrecked love can be cruel. Get to know your icebergs.

Be better and brighter.


One thought on “L3-TV: How many months have you spent in a leaky boat?

  1. How true this is. I’m always amazed at how many high level leaders haven’t figured out EI yet. It’s not a new concept and much of it is good old fashioned common courtesy and respect which impacts how others respond to us. These seems to be behaviors that have gone by the way side. Keeping a handle on the emotions inside is one of the key tricks to successful management. Employees are always watching, taking note and acting on our queues. How sad it is when we aren’t able to teach them positive behaviors.


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