Cooperation achieves the “I”, but Collaboration achieves the “We”

So what exactly is collaborative advantage?

True collaborative advantage means that people agree to work together to achieve what’s best for the organization rather than what’s best for themselves, their group or functional area—even when it means giving up time, budget and other resources.

We can’t emphasize this important distinction enough:

In many teams and organizations people cooperate but few collaborate, and there’s a big difference between the two. One way of expressing this difference is that cooperation is required to achieve what “I” want or need — but collaboration is required to achieve what “we” need.

Whether you’re a:

  • CEO
  • VP
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Even a front-line employee

Your words, actions and leadership style are crucial to cultivating you and your company’s collective ability to cooperate efficiently and effectively.

But you must also acquire, model and help to instill in others the skills and techniques that transform mere teamwork into true collaboration.

This is the only way to create an environment that achieves:

  • Broad participation
  • Heightened creativity and superior performance
  • And that sustains a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

To learn more about creating collaborative advantage in your organization, download Glowan’s latest white paper titled Business Leaders – Without You, There Is No Collaborative Advantage.

Be better and brighter.


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