L3-TV: Stop jammin’ me. Kill the indirect convo and give it to me straight.

Remember the 1980s, when the daily hive-buzz collective of constant interruption was limited to office water cooler chatter, telephones ringing and fax machines screeching?


Jump back to todays future with all the “now” online and smart phone technology that’s supposed to keep us organized and focused, when the truth is that the true average length of time we can focus on any project of any kind is 11 minutes before being interrupted. (Based on research referenced in The Myth of Multitasking, which I highly recommend.)

11 minutes.

From the paper memos of the past to e-mail and text messages and social networking and instant messaging, the unfortunate insult to injury on top of that limiting 11 minutes is the amount of indirect and ineffective communication and jargon employers still heap upon their employees. That includes the small talk in order to avoid the important conversations that have to occur.

Been there, done that.

Thank goodness my friend in human resources are working hard to change this. The HR Capitalist Kris Dunn gets it right when he suggests that when delivering bad news, you’re a headline writer and you lead with the headline – 10 words or less in the first 5 seconds. Then, you’re a friend, peer/boss and counselor, who knows no time limit.

Bad news, good news and all news in between, why not keep it simple and direct first, and then you can chew the fat later? There’s enough white noise coming from the hive-buzz collective we’re fused to 24/7/365 as it is.

“We want you to come in for an interview.”

“You’re hired.”

“We want you to run this project.”

“You’re being promoted to manager.”

“You’re fired.”

Of course I’m oversimplifying, but you get what I mean. If you work on your employee communications to be concise and direct from the point of recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and beyond, your employees will likely reciprocate, improving retention and making for a much clearer and productive work channel in so much white noise.

What a wonderful world that would be.

Now, back to the baby-cation. Enjoy the music.


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