Applying Emotional Intelligence – Download This Smart-Pill-Skill White Paper

How many smart pills and skills does it take to make an emotionally intelligence leader?

Only a handful…read on…

Emotionally intelligent leaders are indeed more successful than their less emotionally intelligent peers.

So are their companies.

  • At PepsiCo, executives identified as emotionally intelligent generated 10% more productivity and added nearly $4 million in economic value.
  • For Sheraton, an emotional intelligence initiative helped increase the company’s market share by 24%.

I’m sure you’ve heard a little something about emotional intelligence in the past couple of decades, although its roots go back a lot farther than that.

Basically, the quality of emotional intelligence is defined as having the ability to understand, manage and respond effectively to one’s own emotions and the emotions of others.

And one of the greatest benefits of emotional intelligence is that helps leaders create work environments where people at every level are collaborating and aspiring to do their best work.

That is critical in the 21st-century global business world.

In fact, emotional intelligence is the first of a particular set of “smart-pill” skills and behaviors — which Glowan experts call Smart Skills™ — that are utilized by many truly great leaders, managers and project managers. In addition to emotional intelligence, these Smart Skills include:

  • Influencing with integrity
  • Interest-based negotiation
  • Stress and change management
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • High-level communication skills

To learn more, download Glowan’s latest complimentary White Paper titled Applying Emotional Intelligence: Why Successful Leaders Need This Critical Skill.

It’s easy to download, a great read and you can even read it (it’s a PDF document) in the Apple iBooks app for iPads and iPhones. (I’m sure other e-readers accommodate PDFs, but I dig the Apple.)

Emotional Intelligence is smart-pill-skill cool. I recommend taking it daily.


3 thoughts on “Applying Emotional Intelligence – Download This Smart-Pill-Skill White Paper

  1. Good insights. Developing the kind of self-awareness that you are talking about is a very important skill for all to build. Couldn’t agree more. You can’t fix something that you cannot see.


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