Does Your Passion Match Your Aspirations?

I have been thinking about passion and its relationship to energy, focus, presence and performance.

Passion is the fuel for spirited and committed action.  Here are 12 questions that help us know if our passion and aspirations are at the proper intersection.

To determine whether your passion matches your aspirations, try these questions.
1. Do I feel strongly about the need for this to happen?
2. Does the idea fit my long-held beliefs, values, and convictions?
3. Have I thought about something like this for a long time?
4. Do I think that this is vital for the future related to the people and things I care about?
5. Do I get excited and energized when I think about it, and convey passion when I talk about it?
6. Am I convinced that this can be accomplished?
7. Am I willing to put my credibility on the line to promise action on it?
8. Am I willing to spend time to sell it and promote it to others who might not understand or support it?
9. Can I make this the focus of my activities?
10. Am I willing to devote personal time, above and beyond organizational time, to see that this happens?
11. Do I feel strongly enough to ignore negativity and stand up for this?
12. Am I committed to seeing this through, over the long haul?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions you are probably ready to align your passion and aspirations!


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