Every Leader Should Have A Formal Influencing Plan

With all of the workload, the fire drills, the meetings, and the escalations, it is easy to lose site of our leadership and influencing responsibilities. The really difficult part of this dilemma is that through influencing we can actually decrease our workload.

Think of Influencing, both “Formally” and “Informally”, as another way to delegate work to a resource in the organization. It is through influencing others that our jobs become easier and, indeed, more fun.

When you have others operating on the same wave length along with you, good things tend to happen. When we are working in concert, both strategically and tactically, it is much more difficult to have disagreements, delays and re-do’s.

Begin with your Formal Influencing plan.

Choose project you are working on that is  in the early stages of implementation, or one about to begin, make a  list of people you must interact with regularly and build a plan for Formal Influencing.

Start by identifying the people who need to be influenced.  Determine where you are now in terms of influence and relationship.  Next, define where you want to be, and what next steps are required to get there!

How successful are you at influencing?


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