Leaders and Managers Must Shift Their Style!

More progressive organizations are moving toward a more engaging style of leadership, mainly due to their recognition that followers have a greater role as collaborators in the strategic and day-to-day leadership of teams and organizations. We find in our coaching relationships that most middle managers have great frustration and challenge moving from the top-down model to a more collaborative leadership style.

It is important for leaders and managers to recognize that the the business world is far too complex for one person to have all the answers and responsibility for leadership decisions.

Leaders who draw solutions from their teams by asking the right questions are finding new strategic direction, while engaging their staff.

Our expectations of leaders and managers has grown astronomically because of increased complexity and the rate of change. The response by most organizations to transform their leadership and management styles to respond to this change has been slow, and in most cases lacks a comprehensive learning and development model.

In our work with organizations, leaders, managers and individual contributors, we find that the complexity, rate of change and workload stifles their ability to slow down to learn to do things differently in order to be productive.

The answer is not so much in the provision of training, but rather in the shifting of a mindset and removing outdated models.

How will we meet this challenge?


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