3 Secrets for Collaborative Leadership

There is no doubt that most organizations are experiencing change at an unprecedented pace. Collaboration skills is the new weapon of distinction amongst leaders who desire to get to the next level of performance. As a leader in today’s challenging environment, you are responsible for helping people create success despite all the chaos that constant change brings.

Your leadership style will determine the attractiveness others will find in partnering and collaborating with you.

There are some key areas that need to be addressed when attempting to achieve a collaborative relationship with others.

The following 3 Secrets will enlighten you on exactly what you are getting into when you decide to brand yourself as a ” Collaborative Leader.”

Three realities Collaborative Leaders Must understand:

Reality #1

People are attracted to your leadership style and your ability to engage them.

If you don’t like people or prefer not to interact with people, you are going to struggle in your quest to become a collaborative leader.

Introverts can still apply for the role of being collaborative but in doing so you are stating your willingness to come out of your comfort zone when it comes to interacting with people.

You cannot fake being a collaborator. Collaborative leadership requires you to continue to process and dialog with your colleagues and direct reports/

Reality #2

To simply state that you have adopted a collaborative approach is not enough.

There must be proof of your statement with a track record of working effectively with others.

How many teams or assignments have you successfully lead that involved utilizing the skills of others to reach success?

To be collaborative or to be in collaboration with others means it is not about you. It is about us.  To be effective at using a collaborative leadership style means you understand it is not about me, the name of the game to success is about “we.”

Everyone should participate at some level in order to be considered part of a collaborative effort.

Reality #3

You must have the ability to work with all types of personalities and within all types of challenging environments.

Leadership is a much needed skill in today’s changing workplace. A collaborative leadership style of leading is in even more demand. Why?

People are searching for the type of leader who is willing to allow them to bring value to the dialog.

A collaborative leader has no concerns about what I look like, what my ethnic background is, what age I might be, or what my gender is. People want to be recognized for what they bring to the table.

What makes this type of environment difficult is the collaborative leader must be astute in recognizing that at the end of the day, we all want to make contributions that leverage our skills and unique talents.

How will you bring out the best of your people with a collaborative leadership style?


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