Choosing Your Personal Board of Advisors

In business, a board of advisors is a small group of people which meets periodically to offer advice and direction to a company. Members of the board of advisors do not usually have a share in the company, and they do not bear legal responsibilities for the company’s actions. Generally, small and startup firms use a board of advisors so that they get a firm footing in their market, and people on the board are chosen on the base of expertise and prestige.

This model can carry over to help you in work and life.

From time to time I ask my coaching clients to create a ” Personal Board of Advisors”.   Depending on the focus on their overall goals the composition of this group of advisors will vary.

Here is an example: Goal focus was work-life integration with a desire to improve overall life satisfaction.

Personal Board of Advisors for Improved Work-Life Integration and Life Satisfaction

Values and Beliefs/Spirtual Advisor

Physical Health Advisor

Emotional Intelligence Advisor

Life Learning Advisor

Family Balance Advisor

Social Networks Advisor

Career Advisor

Financial Advisor

In this case an advisor was chosen to fill each one of these roles in support of improved work-life integration and life satisfaction.  The advisory board for this particular individual was recruited from  a network friends, work colleagues, the community, and in some cases a paid professional, in way of a financial planner.

Who would you choose to be on your Personal Board of Advisors?


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