Leading With Others Requires Six Sustaining Elements

Six Collaborative Advantage Sustaining Elements

In our work with leaders and teams who have to collaborate or partner within or across organizational boundaries we found that there  are specific actions and behaviors that need to be addressed for sustaining a healthy and productive collaborative partnership. If dealt with effectively, a climate of openness and trust is sustained throughout the relationship.

Research has shown that investment in the sustaining factores for a collaborative partnership is significant in the determination of ongoing success.

Think about a  current collaborative relationship or one you have been involved in recently and answer the following TRUE or FALSE questions for that relationship.

The Collaborative Advantage Sustaining Elements are those actions that maintain the energy, commitment and enthusiasm necessary for the partnership over time.

Continuous Attention to the Collaborative Process

The collaboration has agreements for how it will work together and works to improve them. T F

Strong Communication Links

Members keep other members informed about work contracts, problems. T F

Explicit Decision Making Process

The decision making process is clear and transparent to all members. T F

Trust and Commitment

Members act according to agreed upon values regarding output and process for achieving results. T F

Credit and Recognition

The collaboration has explicit agreements on how to handle visibility, authority, and I. P. of members.  T F

Interest Based Negotiation/Problem Resolutions

The collaboration utilizes the components of interest based negotiations to achieve greater shared success  T F

Based on your ratings, which were your strongest sustaining elements?

Which need improvement?

What support do you need from your collaboration partners in order to be successful in sustaining the relationship?

Which were your strongest sustaining elements?

Which sustaining elements need improvement?


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