Leading With Others Requires Six Foundational Elements

Leading With Others Requires Some Foundational Elements

In our work with leaders and teams who have to collaborate or partner within or across organizational boundaries we found that there  are specific actions and behaviors that need to be addressed in the initial stages of forming a collaborative partnership. If dealt with effectively, a climate of openness and trust begins to develop.

Research has shown that investment in building a strong foundation for a collaborative partnership is significant in the determination of future success.

Think about a  current collaborative relationship or  one you have been involved in recently and answer the following TRUE or FALSE questions for that relationship.

1. A Compelling Collaborative Vision Exists: Your collaboration has a compelling vision that is clear, exciting and worthy of partnership. T  F

2. Shared Leadership Exists: Members share leadership where appropriate, not relying on any one person for all leadership functions. T F

3. There is A Shared Challenge and Solution Approach: All partners share in the definition of the challenge and definitions of suggested solutions. T F

4. There is Shared Power Equity: There is sharing of power and equity on key decisions and action items tied to mutual collaborative strategy. T F

5. Interdependence By Design: The collaboration uses the diverse skills of members and partners inside and outside the organization. T F

6. There is Mutual Accountability and Responsibility: Members share responsibility and accountability for the results of the entire group. T F

We find that when the leaders and managers we work with pay attention to these six foundational elements their collaborations and partnership tend to be successful.

How are your collaborative relationships going? Our next post will cover the Sustaining Elements required to keep the collaboration going and on target.


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