Self Leadership — Achieving Personal Mastery

We’ve been posting recently about our L3 Leadership Development process and our belief that leadership is really a “state of being”.  Our client work has validated this belief and it has made a genuine difference in how we approach our development and coaching.  Here is a bit more on the subject of the L1 portion, Leading Self or achieving Personal Mastery.

Leadership does not depend on pay or position. It depends on character, integrity, authenticity, and above all, belief in oneself.

Life and work are fundamentally interrelated—human beings not only “work to live” but also, given the right conditions and opportunities, will “live to work.” In other words, how you spend most of your working hours, and create the resources to sustain yourself and your family, can be—ought to be—an activity which expresses your values, gives meaning to your life, and brings you enduring satisfaction.

If you picture “You, Inc.” from a previous post (your personal organization chart), you can see that this organization is headed by your top management team:

Physical Health and Energy

Emotional Intelligence

Values and Beliefs

Areas—that make up your You, Inc. organization’s “natural resources.” If this team isn’t operating effectively, the whole organization suffers from lack of drive and motivation, poor productivity, and insufficient energy.

The five departments reporting to You, Inc.’s top management team are:






If any of these departments is operating below par, the organization as a whole won’t operate smoothly or optimally. So, as you can see,  “You, Inc.” shows us how important the different “departments” of life are and illustrates the relationships between them.

Leadership begins with an internal sense of self-confidence, emotional intelligence and balance that brings forth an authentic leadership presence.

We invite your comments and participation in the dialog.


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