Leadership Linchpins

Four Linchpins for Leadership:

They Have Bifocal Vision — True leaders mentally envision a better future for themselves,and for their followers.  They break down this vision into two parts, the execution and strategy required.

They Communicate and Enlist — Leaders who realize that  reaching their  success requires enlisting  those around them and helping the see what you see; you must be open and forthcoming about your motives, be transparent in your communication, and reach out to others in a way that they feel you have truly shared.

They Seize Authority and Take Responsibility — If you never step up, you consign yourself to a career of always following. Leaders stand up for what they envision, and are not afraid to occasionally take center stage.

They Plan and Implement — The gutters of business are littered with the great ideas of those who envision but cannot implement. Self-led people step up, seize the moment, and find ways to get things done.

They Build Succession and Continuity — The key ingredient to progress, to getting ahead, is to leave a foundation behind. Though we need heroic leaders from time to time, to truly thrive we must build self-sustaining approaches to create legacy.

What are you doing with your leadership linchpins?


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