L1 Total Life Leadership PERSONAL MASTERY

Continuing our theme of “Leading Self”, we all know a successful business needs a plan in order to succeed. Similarly, in order to manage the

Multiple demands in our personal and professional lives, we as individuals need a “business plan”— a Personal Life Plan.

This Personal Life Plan, or Total Life Leadership Plan as we commonly refer to it, addresses every aspect of your life and, when properly implemented and monitored can bring great success and joy to your life.

Another way of interpreting the various elements of our work and life can best be described in the wheel of life. The wheel is made up of the basic elements of the average person’s life. Each of these elements demands your attention, time, and energy. In order to feel you are living a fulfilling life, you need to be satisfied with how things are going in the areas that are most important to you. We show the Wheel as being made up of an inner “hub” and an outer “ring.” In the hub are your natural resources.





Or in other words, our Body, Mind and Spirit. How well you maintain these vital resources largely determines what you achieve in your life.

In the outer ring are our choices and challenges. Again, what decisions are you making to “manage” these vital areas of life?






What can be done to ensure our “natural resources” are well maintained and our choices and challenges reflect our values and our natural talents?


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