L1 Total Life Leadership

In our L3 leadership model, the three levels rest on the core values of Integrity, Authenticity and Balance.

The first level (L1) is total life leadership, creating personal mastery or YOU, INC. In other words, Leading Self.

Leadership begins with an internal sense of self-confidence, emotional intelligence and balance that brings forth an authentic leadership presence. This “quiet confidence” effortlessly engages followers who will support the leader by offering trust, passion, calculated risk, emotional intelligence, and a host of other supportive attributes that provide high performance and productivity.

This is the basis of L3 at the “Leading Self” level. This notion can perhaps best be understood through a familiar business image—an organizational chart.

Remember Who You Really Report To!!

Successfully leading organizations today requires leaders to transform themselves personally.

What are you seeing in your organizations that is transformational in its nature? How are others accepting the changes and what is the “background noise” accompanying the changes?


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