Leadership Determines The Best Place To Work

Continuing our dialog about creating the Best Place To Work, looking at Leadership may be a good place to begin.

What to Leaders do?

Set the tone? Craft strategy? Rouse & inspire people? Create & reinforce a clear vision? Identify opportunities? Protect the people and the organization from harm?

They do all these things and more. Our L3 Leadership Model is based on the fact that leadership begins with you — each and every human being and that personal leadership is a ‚Äústate of being. It is who you are, what you believe, and how you behave.

The L3 model of Leadership explores three critical attributes of effective leaders.

These three attributes of L3 are:

L1 Leading Self:

Total Life Leadership. Achieving personal mastery and work/life integration.

L2 Leading With Others:

Creating and sustaining Collaborative Advantage.

L3 Leading Others:

Cultivating the Best Place to work: Creating a culture of high engagement, retention, performance and productivity.

While all these things seem to be true in leaders, isn’t the real function of leadership to create followership?

How much responsibility do you bear for setting the leadership tone in your organization? Do you believe in leadership at all levels?