Finding The Time To Think!

Some of the most important work we do with our leader coaching clients is in “finding space for strategic personal thinking”. By this we mean creating the space for them to slow down for a moment, be present and get clear on what’s important to them.

To actually get clear on what the impact is that they want to create with their leadership. Doing this requires making time to help and support themselves to be as “clear, and present”, focused and conscious as possible. One of the most important exercises here taking charge of their total life as a leader

We very often notice a common theme in executive coaching. It’s the issue and value of creating the space and the permission for one to engage in total life leadership. People tend to pass it off as “Not now, later. There are more important things to do.” Or, they will say, “My Life can wait, this can’t.” Or, they will even more simply feel, “There is no time.”

There is always a reason for not engaging in total life leadership, sometimes even a really good one. Often executive coaching clients are not aware that total life leadership or L1 is an opportunity to create more energy, integration of life and work, leading to stronger overall leadership. The fact of the matter is, Total Life Leadership or L1 an opportunity.

Unfortunately, it is often not until an effective leader experiences a problem or a life-threatening issue, or witnesses a problem in someone else, that he or she will pay more attention to her health and personal self-care. Often, it is not until the pain of not doing it gets stronger than the pain of actually engaging it, that her or she starts to take action.

One of the stakes we hold for business coaching clients, whether they are working with leadership or personal issues, is that this piece must be attended to. Whether it concerns health issues, energy issues, holding boundaries, work/life integration or eliminating tolerations that are sucking their energy, Total Life Leadership fills the energy bucket and is essential for sustaining focus and presence today.

It doesn’t matter what your agenda, taking the time to honor yourself and give yourself The gift of self leadership, L1 will help clear the decks for more powerful and effective leadership. Envision the possibilities.

For the most part today, without Total Life Leadership we walk around on “borrowed energy” in a depleted state, less clear and less focused.

* How can you make your most powerful choices and decisions from a place of exhaustion and depletion?
* How can you show up authentically and powerfully from a place of surviving vs. thriving?